Ctrl\0 Deck 2019

Ctrl/o is a Cyber security gaming platform powered by real cyber-attack scenarios, using a unique blockchain platform and tokenized game assets in a narrative storyworld to engage players in a trading community.

Background Story:
VirBizz, the world’s largest cyber crime organization developed a virus that attack money transactions online, hijacking them and converting them to a crypto currency they control. As the virus spreads across the web, infecting banks and shopping-platforms, the G8 governments created an elite cyber defense force named CYDEF, aimed at taking full control over this unstoppable virus.Now it’s an all-out-virtual, and very real war, as the two groups battle for control over the spread of the virus, the fate of the internet and the future of the world economy.

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Control Zero is now looking for an acclaimed game studio to join as partners and produce it as an in-house project, so if you are it - drop us a line.

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